Genuine Spare Parts

Keeping in mind the safety of all our users, we recommend you to use only genuine spare parts products. All genuine parts comply to quality norms & meet the global quality standards. SAPE is a wholesale and retail top brand supplier of genuine spare parts.

A delightful journey of our customers is at the heart of SAPE business strategy and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, SAPE Bangladesh Ltd. has a dedicated business unit for serving our customer’s need for genuine parts sold as

“No Customer has to ever wait for a Part that they NEED”

The objective of providing a never ending delightful experience to our customer is broadly characterised by SAPE persistent focus on Increasing our reach, setting industry benchmarks & ensuring low cost of ownership.

Setting industry benchmarks

Genuine Parts are the only certified parts for you. They are engineered with precision as a perfect fit for your machine to provide you with enhanced and unmatched performance. Every part goes through a strenuous test of critical quality check points before becoming a Genuine Part. These parts are also now supplied through Global Parts Center (GPC) in Bangladesh.

Low Cost of Ownership

SAPE is committed to not only enhancing the customer experience through its products, parts and services but is also focused on reducing the total cost. The pursuit thus includes the costs of acquiring, installing, using, maintaining and replacing a product. To fulfill this very objective  portfolio despite its highest quality standards is priced in an affordable manner to lower the parts replacement cost of our customers.

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